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My Good Thing of The Week

The joy of picking up a book I've been waiting for since a few months ago.

If you've read my blogs you know that I am a huge fan of D&D. As both a dm and a player, it is an exhilarating experience to get to immerse myself into a world where I'm not always the main narrator. The reason I bring this up is because that's been a thing I've been learning this whole year.

For a long time, I saw myself as only a player. There was no way I could dm, I didn't have the skills or abilities. I was afraid no one would be interested in the games since I have seen it happen to others in the community. I take pride in creating good characters and telling a good story... and if I don't quite manage, or I think I don't quite manage, it can make me a nervous wreck. I constantly find myself confirming things are alright to make sure I'm playing the character okay, that I'm not screwing things up for others.

So, of course, with it being a long week and a lot of things happening of late, I almost forgot a book I ordered was coming in. The day before, I happened to notice on twitter that it was coming out and I found myself almost cheering in delight and surprise.

I felt like I ordered it ages ago and yet... I also felt like I ordered it only yesterday. This year has been flying by with all sorts of events and powerful moments. Something like this? It was such a small thing... but it made me feel comfortable. Patience had won out and the feeling of holding my new book was such a feeling of relief and satisfaction, I couldn't help but write about it.

The book? It was the latest iteration of Spelljammer from wizards of the coast. D&D in space with maps, a d&d dm screen and three different books to flip through and use at my leisure, all for a price lower than I expected. I was thrilled.

I know this seems like such a small thing, a brief moment in time that seems superficial at best, but sometimes you have to look at those small things in a week that has thrown you off balance or had you questioning some things. This same week, I made a decision to drop out of therapy due to not having the money to keep it up and insurance being unwilling/unable to cover for it. It helped give me answers and I didn't wish too, but, I couldn't keep up with the prices.

So, when this little thing came around for a price that was reasonable and something I was waiting for? Well, it was a bit of a reprieve from the stress and it gives me something new to work with going forward to, hopefully, continue to tell a story people are interested in.

What is your good thing of the week?

Sometimes good moments are small or simple moments that don't seem like much to an outside viewer, but is important to you. Don't forget, that's reasonable and something not to be ashamed of. We all live tough lives, finding the silver linings, even if small, can make all the difference.

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