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The Elifer Chronicles

Series by Author Julie Boglisch



The first book of my Elifer Chronicle series.

It has been 40 years since America closed its borders and separated from the world following the Vietnam War. In the ensuing years, the country has developed in incredible ways, or at least, that is what Maxwell and Karina, a set of twins from a community deep in the forests of New England, have been told all their lives. In a town surrounded by larger than life trees and crags, they didn’t have a reason to believe otherwise. 


That belief is put to the test when they find their house ransacked, their mother missing, and their only chance to live being outside of the barriers they’ve grown used to. Barriers… that they never realized existed.

$ 12.99



The second book of my Elifer Chronicles Series

The clock ticks as Maxwell and Karina search for their Mother in the failing city of Collern. Hounded by Enthrope for their blood and a desperate brother searching for their friend, they must find a way of staying out of sight, while still discovering where exactly their mother resides in this debilitated city.  

Meet a new cast of characters and, some memorable old ones, as the twins try to make sense of the world they’ve been thrown into. A bittersweet tale of twins doing everything they can to be a family once more… even as the world tries to tear them apart. 

$ 14.99



The third book of my Elifer Chronicles series.

Having now escaped the clutches of Enthrope with their mother through the Resistances help, Maxwell and Karina find themselves dealing with the repercussions of picking sides.

Their friend, Lex, caught in the middle. Misspoken words and misunderstandings create a fracture amongst the group and a heart-broken decision leads the twins down two very different paths. All the while, they are sought after by not only Enthrope, but the very people they had once relied on to help them.

A twisting and turning story that will leave you on the edge of your seat, desperate to know what will happen next.

$ 16.99

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