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About Julie Boglisch

Julie is a young woman whose dream has been to write and publish since she was in sixth grade when she wrote her first book called the Children Of Darkness and Light. It was never published, however it still holds a special place in her heart and she one day hopes to eventually present it, rewritten. 

Her first book, though not her debut book, the Elifer Chronicles: Epidemic was written while she was still in college. Published a few years after graduation, it was a shining moment for her and her family.

Many difficulties blocked her path, from needing to get that same book republished, to a pandemic that swept the world. However, she did not give up and finds she is even more excited to continue striving to create great works of art.


She's also an artist with the goal of creating her own Graphic novel. Ambitious as it seems, she's positive she'll be able to achieve her aspirations and is confident in her works.


Graduate of Gordon College:

She double majored in Communication Arts and Music.

Freelance Artist and Writer

Skillshare Educator: projects

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