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Requiem of Stone


Demon's Song

Author Julie Boglisch's debut series!

  Alex always wished to see the Overlands, a place of sunshine and freedom. However, as a slave in the far corners of the Underlands, it was all but a dream. That is, until he’s framed for murder and is forced to flee during a demon attack. 


        Searching for the answers to why he was framed and seeking a chance at the fleeting freedom he’s always dreamed about, he journeys to the capital, meeting friend and foe along the way. But the Underlands are both beautiful and dangerous. Having a demon hunter on his tail and a witch whose sole desire is to become the high Seer around him, he’s in for quite the journey.



Demon's Call

Book 2 of Julie's debut series.

  After leaving the capital city of the Underlands, Raynout on less than pleasant terms. Alex, Rita, Milos and their slave allies Ari and Leon head north in search of Alex's missing mother. However, the stories of the north are foreboding at best and paralyzing at worse.

Tensions are high as everybody must decide where they belong while learning just how dangerous the ensuing waters truly are.

Join the characters you loved from the first book for a sequel that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You'll be left wondering what will happen next in an underground ocean the span of which is beyond comprehension. 



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