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The Ravens Crux


Book One

by Author Julie Boglisch

"Aiden wanted to slam his head against a locker, but held off to save the few braincells that the group had left."

Ever since their mothers disappearance, Aiden and Noah, 13 year old twins, have been moving from place to place with their detective father, Roger Raven. While Aiden is not to happy about it, Noah sees it as an opportunity to meet new friends. 


That is, until they arrive in the town of Herisdell for their fathers work, a seeming ghost town where its almost always raining. 

The boys soon find themselves wrapped up in the mysteries of the town including the disappearances of the residents, a boy at school who seems to have a connection to one of the missing people and the strange girl who appeared outside their window within hours of them settling in when no one should have known they had arrived yet. 


Aiden and Noah are going to have to learn quickly what is going on. For it seems there is more to the town then meets the eye and it’s even more dangerous for them then they could have ever imagined.



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