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My Good Thing of the Week

Life can be meaningful. Sometimes, you just have to search for it.

An introspective of finding the good thing's in life.

As I said in my last post, Dungeons and Dragons means a lot to me. It's an escape, a chance to be someone or something else... to not have to worry about the stresses of life and just... be.

So, for the last few days, it's been difficult because I've been unable to play and I missed games and days that I would have been able to play due to work or other events. So this week felt difficult to start with. However, I thought, why not start with this week anyway? We are more than half way through the year after all.

So, I did. I sat down, and thought through the good things from this week. The conversations I had, the moments of time I won't get back... and I realized that there were a few moments where I felt at peace. A conversation with a friend till 2 in the morning. The warmth of a cat that simply wants to cuddle against you. An outpouring of love for a soul going through grief. There were many beautiful things I saw this week that reminded me not to be upset when things go wrong as they always inevitably seem to do.

However, the most important moments are the small ones.

Of all the one's I listed for this week, strangely, the thing that felt so important, that made me cheer up every morning even though I wasn't sure about the day... was my little baby, Nel.

Nel is my adopted cat whom I rescued a few months ago. He's a cuddly cat most times, but in the morning, he is right there, curling into me and purring softly to get my attention, gently pawing at me to wake up. It's something I have not felt much at all, some one waking you up because they want to see you, because they want to be with you.

Waking up the morning to Nel is a feeling I didn't think I would experience and there is a strange joy to it. I find myself looking forward to it, though it doesn't always happen.

Still, those times it does happen? I can't help but feel a sense of delight and relief at the choice I made. Even though life is difficult, money is tight and stresses just keep seeming to be piling up, I will never regret my choice of rescuing Nel. He has been a huge light in my life since I adopted him and those morning moments are just a reminder of that.

What is your good thing of the week?

What little moment or event reminded you of what is good in your life? For me, it was Nel, though many other things helped throughout the week as well. Sometimes the good thing can be big, like a marriage or a birth and other times it can be small, like a hug from a loved one or stranger when you so desperately need someone to listen. So, tell me yours. What is one thing you found to be Good this week?

After all, there is always a silver lining, sometimes it just takes time to find it.

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