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Kieran has seen strange white figures for the last year and a half, but to him it makes no sense, after all, how can they be ghosts if death doesn’t exist anymore?

Kieran, Felix and Mira live a peaceful life within their small town, a place with no crime, no death and, to most, no fear. However, that changes when Felix starts researching Kieran’s strange symptoms, his ability to see figures others call ghosts. Soon, the figures become more active, but not just the figures, strange happenings begin to occur and now Kieran must race to figure out the truth… before he faces the same fate.

Ghost of a Memory Signed Edition

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Since this is a signed copy their are no refunds in regard to the product or service upon delivery. 

    If there are issues within the delivery process and the item does not get delivered to you due to a tracking mishap then their is a possibility of a partial refund upon inspection of said delivery mishap. 

  • Primarily shipped through USPS, other options will be looked into at a later time if applicable.

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